We have a very versatile and very helpful staff who will certainly make you feel welcome.

Welcome International Clients

Nicholas Meyer welcomes international clients to the services provided by Downtown Suites Ltd. This is his message to international real estate buyers:

“Hi, this is Nicholas Meyer. I’m sitting in my office in downtown Vancouver. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our international clients.

Behind me is a map of the world, and literally, we have clients from every corner of the world using our services, and we’re very happy to be able to help them, and help place them in one of the most stable real estate markets, probably, in the world.

Certainly, it’s a rising market, as it continues to do so, over the last several decades.

It’s a wonderful place to come and bring your money, park it.

We don’t have coups, we haven’t got, eh, any sort of political problems happening, other than the usual scrapping between the Liberals and the Conservatives, and so forth.

It’s a very stable environment, as you know, banking is number one.

We’ve got very good interest rates, currently.

The market’s not at all like what’s been experienced south of the border. We’ve got pretty strong banks, and we’re not at all threatened in the financial market.

So, interest rates are still very very low, with prime at about 3% at the moment.

Half a point to a point above prime, 3-4% for floating mortgages. Very reasonable rates. We’ve got very strong rates coming in. So all in all, it’s a very good investment climate.

Slight correction in the market this year, because we’ve had such a huge increase in prices over the last year or so, but, we’re going to continue this carrying on much as we are, I don’t think we will see much decline at all, if anything, over the next decade.

Definitely, we’re going to see prices go up again and again. So, I think it’s a good place to be.

West side of Vancouver is very strong, definitely a lot of Asian buyers coming in. We’re having buyers from everywhere, we’re getting investors from Russia, from Eastern Europe, from Australia, Japanese, Chinese, English, lots of English people are coming in, especially when the pound is so strong. Very good place to come.

In any event, we’re here to help you, and we’re very bullish about Vancouver’s market.

Just to repeat myself, I’m very happy, and very understanding to welcome you to our community here. You’ll feel very much at home. We’re very open to helping people from different cultures, we have different people working in the city office.

The controller, actually, is from Iran, and speaks fluent Farsi, so we have someone who can talk to people who need that. My banker speaks Hindi and Bengali, Ivy in her office speaks Mandarin, and if we need another language translated, we can arrange that for you.

We have a very versatile and a very helpful staff here, who will certainly make you feel very welcome.

So please contact us and we’ll certainly help you with your acquisition.

Thank you.

Nicholas Meyer”


I have worked with Nick and His staff since 2005 and found him and his staff to be the BEST Property managers in Vancouver… My downtown clients swear by him as well…. Reliable, Dependable 1st Class

Nic manages our condos in Vancouver, and we never have to worry about anything. The service is always top notch.
I also wanted to thank you for being my realtor in purchasing my Vancouver properties, managing my suites and providing guidance regarding real estate and rental property investing. If I purchase another Vancouver property I will contact you first.
Two words best describe Nick, Consummate Professional. Nick get’s the job done, quickly, quietly and most effectively and that is all you can ask. Without knowing me, he set up several introductions with major property developers in Lower Mainland and helped me provide my investors several viable options to expand their portfolios.
Again, thank you, is all I can say here! Above and beyond!! Thanks, Nic! I have really appreciated working with you these past couple of years. You certainly went above and beyond for me, and I haven’t forgotten it.