A Look At The Mold Remediation Process

In this article we will aim to give you a better understanding of the mould remediation process and the general steps involved.

So lets get started. You get a phone call from your tenant, saying he has spotted some mould growth in his unit and wants you to have it cleaned up immediately before he starts getting “sick”. By this point we would bet that he has already done a google search on mould and the health impacts it could have on a person, naturally you can see how one might get worried.

Now, unless you have gone through this process before, we don’t expect you to know much about how to handle this situation and what is involved.

At this point the first step is to call your go-to property restoration company, as this is a process that needs to be dealt with properly and professionally. We highly discourage you from calling a handyman type for this project as you can open yourself and your property management company to liability, legal issues, and possibly lead to health issues for those involved if not handled correctly.

Once you have contacted the restoration company here is an insight of how the remediation process should go. You should note that procedures will likely vary between different restoration companies as their training and expertise will also vary.

However, the goal of the mould remediation process is to safely remove the contamination on surfaces and materials it is growing on.


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