The 4 Principles Of Drying Your Home After A Water Damage Incident

So you left your bathroom tap running while you were rushing to answer a phone call, upon your return you find that THE SINK HAS OVERFLOWN causing quite a flood in your house.  The tile flooring and walls are wet, the carpeting outside the bathroom is wet, and so is some of your nearby furniture.

Now, if you are like most people you have grabbed all the towels in your house and have thrown them on the floor to absorb all the water you can, you have plugged in your multi-speed household fan to help dry the areas and are wondering what you should do next.

Well, depending on the severity and extent of the water damage you will likely need to contract a property restoration company to professionally address the situation. However whether you try to do the drying yourself or you hire a company to do it,  the basic principles of drying will be required.


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